Class of 1964

Faculty and Sponsors:
William S. Martin: Superintendent
George Burns: Principal
School Board: Chairman: Mr. Maurice McCabe
 Clerk: Rev. Donald Fredericks,
Member: Mr. Thomas Lynch
Sponsors: Mr. Herbert Knepper, Mr. Griffith Ramy
 Mr. Sam Beller,  Mr. Christian Peterson,
 Mrs. Charlotte Penn, Mr. Norris Mills

Class of 1964
Graduation Program


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Class Officers: President, Ron Landbloom; Vice President, Jane Savage; Secretary  Treasurer, Edith McGregor.

The Class won first place for Homecoming: Theme: "Scalp the Vikings, " Attendant: Anna Mae Begay. Tse Ho Tso attendants: Homer Ashley and Lillian Slinkey; Prom Attendants: William Morgan and Shirley Yazzie; J. V. Cheerleaders: Edith McGregor, Jane Savage, Anna Boyd. Freshman Class Favorites: Homer Ashley and Anna Begay; Best Looking Girl: Anna Begay.


Class Officers: President, Franklin LaFave; Vice President, Leigh Hubbard; Secretary Treasurer, Lillian Slinkey.

First Place, Float Contest: Theme: "Roast the Redskins, " Attendant: Lillian Slinkey. Varsity Cheerleaders: Anna Boyd, Barbara Alfred. Organization of the Pompon Squad started: Members were: Edith McGregor, Teresa Sells, and Ella Natonabah, (also a Co Captain). Eleanor Begay, Majorette. Tse Ho Tso attendants: Paul Sage and Anna Begay; Prom attendants: Melvin Logg and Anna Boyd. "Who's Who": Most Popular, Best All﷓Around Boy, Homer Ashley; Most Studious Boy, Ron Landbloom; Cutest Girl: Anna Begay; Best Dressed Girl: Lillian Slinkey; Most Likely to Succeed, Ron Landbloom; Wittiest Girl: Effie Arnold; Class Favorites: Lillian Slinkey and Homer Ashley; Best Looking Girl: Anna Begay; Honorable Mention ﷓ All State Football, Homer Ashley.


Class Officers: President, Franklin LaFave; Vice President, Anna Boyd; Secretary  Treasurer, Anna Mae Begay.

For the third year, the Junior Float won contest: Theme: "Wildcat Meat is Good to Eat. " Carole Schubert, 1963 Homecoming Queen; Anna Begay, Maid. Majorettes: Eleanor Begay and Eloise Wauneka, Varsity Cheerleaders: Ernestine Tsosie and Carole Schubert. Library Science Club President: Teresa Sells; Vice President: Anna Begay. Science Club Vice President: Franklin LaFave; Secretary﷓ Treasurer: Terry Morey. F. T. A. Club: Ella Natonabah, Parliamentarian; Edith McGregor, Treasurer; Anna Boyd, Historian. F.H.A. Club: Ella Natonabah, Vice President. Student Council: President, Ron Landbloom; Treasurer, Roy Mineer. National Honor Society: Secretary﷓ Treasurer, Carole Schubert. Prom Queen: Nellie Blackgoat; Prom Attendants: Carole Schubert and William Morgan. Tse Ho Tso Attendants: Melvin Smiley and Ernestine Tsosie. "Who's Who": Prettiest Girl: Anna Begay; Most Studious Boy: Ron Landbloom; junior Favorites: Lillian Slinkey and Homer Ashley. Drifting Sands Staff: Ella Natonabah, Kathy Dahozy, Effie Arnold. Editor of Tse Ho Tso, Carole Schubert.