Class of 1965

Faculty and Sponsors:
William S. Martin: Superintendent
George Burns: Principal
School Board: Chairman: Mr. Maurice McCabe
 Clerk: Rev. Donald Fredericks
 Member: Mr. Thomas Lynch

Sponsors: Maunelle Martin, Doyne Ward
James Melsness, Maybelle Lockhart

Maurice McCabe

School Board Chairman

Class of 1965
Graduation Program


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Class of 1965
Graduation Invitation

Class Motto: Be wise, soar not too high to fall, but stoop to rise.
Class Colors: Maroon and Gold
Class Flower: White Carnation

President: Bill Speicher, Vice-President: Carl Hillis
Secretary: Sherri Rodriguez, Treasurer: Kim Jones

Freshman Initiation
Rules for Freshmen:

Must have a baby bottle with a nipple, toothbrush with string twelve inches long, have shoe polishing equipment, wear a sign saying “All Mighty Seniors of ’65 and I am a lousy Freshman”.  Must bow to all Seniors and obey their commands.

Wear levis inside out and backwards, Levis noticeably starched, gunny sack and an old man’s shirt.  Be sure to wear old mens’ shoes without socks and at least one strip of bacon in each shoe.   Wear a vegetable necklace of onion and garlic.  Hair must be ratted and starched, if not the Seniors will do it for you!  No make-up.

Wear girl’s shirts, a dress above the knees, hair uncombed and starched, make-up, sandals or old shoes and nylons.  Wear a vegetable necklace.  If make-up is not worn, the Seniors will provide it!


Senior Float:  “Cage the Cats”, won 3rd place
Thespian Float: 
Fishin’ For A Victory”

Played the Chinle Wildcats, Lost 6-0
Diane Rudeau

 Attendants: Janice Bergeson and Roberta Arviso
Co-Captains and Escorts: Jim Robertson and Elmer Francisco

Varsity Cheerleaders

Captain: Nancy Martin, Susie Denetdeel, Janice Bergeson

Columbia Blues

Captain: Pat Mann and Co-Captain, Deniece Masters
 Reba Rumsey, Mary Jo Beach, Jeri Teller, Sherri Rodriguez

Junior-Senior Prom 1964

Sponsored by the Class of 1965

Theme: Stairway to the Stars
Band: The Marketts from Hollywood
Date: May 4, 1964

Junior-Senior Prom 1965

Sponsored by the Class of 1966
Theme: Enchantment Under the Sea
Band: The Coachmen

Date: May 1, 1965
Prom King: Carl Hillis
Senior Attendants: Pat Mann and Jim Robertson

Speech and Drama

First Three Act Play in the history of the school:
Our Town
Leading Lady, Emily Webb: Janis Lee
 Leading Man. the Stage Manager: Jim Robertson
  Mrs. Gibbs: Janice Bergeson, Mrs. Webb: Nancy Martin, Mr. Webb: Eldon McCabe
Stage Management: Wilson Naswood
Director: Mrs. Gale Davidson

Other Plays in 1964-65:

French Toast
George White, Bunkie Whitten, Nancy Martin, Janice Bergeson
Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood 

Uncle Bob’s Bride
Jim Robertson, Mary Jo Beach, Marjorie Wauneka, Narrated by Jim Robertson
 Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood
Director: Mrs. Maunelle Martin

Hello Out Ther
Cast and Crew: Gambler: Carl Hillis, The Husband:  Eldon McCabe
The Wife: Janice Bergeson, Kim Jones
Stage Manager: Wilson Nasood

Directors: Mrs. Gale Davidson and Miss
Monta Provost

Comin’ Round the Mountain
David Cayatenito, Alyce Turnbull
Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood
Director: Mrs. Maunelle Martin

The Infanta
Cast and Crew: The Infanta Maria: Eileen Kyselka, Le Bossu: George White
 The Duchess: Nancy Martin, Lord Severe: Jim Robertson, Charlotte Goodluck
 Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood
Directors: Mrs. Gale Davidson and Miss Monta Provost

Tse Ho Tso Staff
Editor: Deniece Masters
Assistant Editor: Pat McNary
Artwork: Earl Milford
Pictures: Eldon McCabe
Business Manager: Charlotte Goodluck
Sports: Kent Techlenburg, John McClane
Classes: Christine Pitts, Marvin McLemore

Drifting Sands
Editor: Pat Mann

Assistant Editor: Judy Kilgore,

            Christine Pitts, Charlotte Goodluck, Marvin McLemore
 Reba Rumsey, Kent Techlenburg

Girls Athletics

Softball Season
WR-14-Tuba City-12
WR- 30-Ganado-16
WR- 47-Chinle-9

Softball Sports Day-3rd Place
Volleyball Sports Day-3rd Place
Basketball Sports Day-3rd Place

Track Sports Day-1st Place

Coach: Miss Neola Voegtli 

Girls Rifle Team
4th in Nation
 Janice Bergeson, Pat McNary, Nancy Martin
Coach, Mr. Leham Burrows

Boys Football Record
Captain: Carl Hillis
Won-3  Tied-0  Lost-6
For the first time in the history of WRHS, we beat Williams!

Boys Basketball Record
Won-19  Lost-9
Placed 2nd in the Class B District Tourney
Placed 5th at the State Tournament

Boys Track and Field

Accomplishments, Grades 9-12

1965 Honor Students

May 10. 1965 - Drifting Sands

Gift to the School
A Victory Bell  from the Atkinson Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad was given to the school in 1965.
The bell had been on a train for many years and we had it mounted
on a stand so that it could be rung at various school activities.

Awards and Achievements: 
All State Band Member: Nancy Martin
Apache County VFW Oratorical Contest: Eldon McCabe, Nancy Martin
Best Thespian Award: Nancy Martin
Choir-First Highly Superior: 1964-Girls Sextet: Nancy Martin, Pat Mann
Citizenship Award: Eldon McCabe and Nancy Martin
Danforth Award for Citizenship: Jim Robertson and Eileen Kyselka
Daughters’ of American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Nancy Martin
Fifth Annual Youth Conference, Dec 2-5, 1964, Orator Contest, 1st Place, Eldon McCabe
John Philip Souza Award: Nancy Martin, first recipient
Judson Avey Memorial Scholarship: Vernon Cohoe, first recipient

Most Valuable Athletes:
Man-Carl Hillis
            Woman-Nancy Martin (tied with Linda Landbloom)
Readers' Digest Award: Pat Mann
Service to School Award: Deniece Masters and Wilson Naswood
Speech and Drama-Finished 2nd, ASU, Small School Sweepstakes, February 20, 1965
WRHS School Spirit Award: Class of 1965

Class of 1965, Graduating Class, 101, the largest in the history of WRHS
Valedictorian: Patricia Mann-Valedictory Address: "Beginning Anew"
Salutatorian: Alyce Turnbull-Salutatory Address: "Promise to Keep"
Graduated with honors: Janice Bergeson, Oleta Elliott, Pat McNary, Althea Mae Smith
Music for Commencement: Procession: Pomp and Circumstance, You'll Never Walk Alone

Eighth Grade Graduation

 May 31, 1961