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National Thespian Society Officers
The Charter Thespian Society, Troop 1420 was organized in 1963. 

1963 Thespian Officers
Ron Landbloom, President Nancy Martin, Vice-President Pat McNary
Secretary Peter Cooper, Treasurer
Maunelle Martin- Sponsor

Patricia Mann, Janice Bergeson, Charlotte Goodluck, Eileen Kyselka,
Eldon McCabe, Edith McGregor ,Diane Rudeau, Jim Robertson
Carol Schubert, Bunkie Witten

Troupe 1420 of The National Thespian Society

Troupe 1420 of the National Thespian Society was organized in April 1963 with thirteen charter members. Since that time seven others have been initiated into the organization. The purpose of this club is devoted to the advancement of the Dramatic Arts in the secondary schools, and troupes are located throughout the U. S. and several foreign countries. Membership is attained by earning points through participation in dramatic activities.

The local group presented numerous plays for the entertainment of students and the public. These productions are entered in contests at the University of Arizona, Arizona State College, and Apache County Meet.

Not only do Thespians perform in plays and in individual speaking, but they read and study the theater. Each year they attend several professional plays to extend and develop their interest in the arts. This year the group has attended "Carousel," "Cry," the Beloved Country," and Shakespeare's "As You Like It. " The students attend plays on their own initiative while on vacation.


1964 Thespians new.jpg

1964 Thespian Officers

1965 Thespian Officers & Sponsor

Patricia Man - Clerk, Maunelle Martin - Sponsor, Nancy Martin - President
Bill Speicher- Treasurer, Denise Masters - Secretary, Janice Bergeson - Vice-President

1966 Thespian Officers & Sponsor

1967 Thespian Class Officers
Maxine Bergeson, Janis Lee, Margie Meyers, Bob Eddy and Evelyn Reed

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History of Our Town

Our Town
by Thorton Wilder

"Our Town" was written in Peterborough, New Hampshire
 and  won the
 Pulitzer Prize for "Letters: Drama" in 1938.

This was the first three act play performed by
Window Rock High School students.
Date: April 27, 1965

Cast and Crew:

Leading Lady, Emily Gibbs: Janis Lee
Leading Man, the Stage Manager: Jim Robertson

Mr. Webb: Eldon McCabe
Mrs. Webb: Nancy Martin
Mrs. Gibbs: Janice Bergeson
George Gibbs: Jeff Meyers
Si Crowell: Murphy Fair
Howie Newsome: George White
Also: Pat Mann, Sarah Ewing, Laura McCammon,
Irene Nelson, Sharon Ashcroft, Patty Smith,
Evelyn Reed, Margie Meyers, Robert Eddy,
Charles McCammon,
Mark Gaston, Wilson Naswood

Director: Mrs. Gale Davidson

The Infanta
March 9, 1965

Cast and Crew:

 The Infanta Maria: Eileen Kyselka
 Dorthea: Sherri Hicks
Le Bossu: George White
The Duchess: Nancy Martin
 Lord Severe: Jim Robertson
 Charlotte Goodluck
 Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood
Makeup: Janis Lee and Laura McCammon
Lights: Laura McCammon.

Directors: Mrs Gale Davidson and Miss Monta Provost


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Eldon McCabe- Wins Oratorical Contest- December, 1965

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Hello Out There

Cast and Crew:

Gambler: Carl Hillis
Emily Smith: Jaylene Snow
The Husband: Eldon McCabe
The Wife: Janice Bergeson
Men: Kimmel Jones, Murphy Fair
Stage Manager: Wilson Naswood
Spotlight: Laura McCammon


A Cue for Cleopatra
Minor Miracles
Produced in the Fall of 1960

Pictured, L to R Jimmy Clark, Don Nelson. Not pictured but also in the cast; Bryce Dale, Joe Matthews.

The Cast