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John Brown, Jr.

My grandfather, John Brown, Jr., is one of the original 29 code talkers! He is my mother's father my cheii'??. He lives in Crystal, NM with my grandmother Loncie Polacca Brown.

This is such an honor to see these Code Talkers recognized in this way. Grandpa John has been extremely busy with interviews, meetings, meeting the President, members of Congress, actors, etc. He is 79 years old and is most honored and ever so appreciative of this recognition, but he is definitely glad the hype will fizzle down after the release of this movie. He's a good sport though and oh what a sense of humor he has! He also has enjoyed speaking in front of groups of distinguished VIPs. As a matter of  fact, he was the "one" who gave the speech last year on July 26th in Washington, D.C. shown on news around the world!

I am so proud to a part of his legacy.

Valery Showalter-Brandow
WRHS Class of 1990
Mesa, Arizona


Brown, 78, received a medal 56 years after service in World War II.

President George W. Bush congratulates John Brown, Jr.


Frank T. Thompson

Floyd, Would have graduated with the Class of 1976 from WRHS but he was selected by the Navajo Code Talkers Association to attend The Marine Military Academy School at Harlingen, T