1963 - 1965

The Markettes

Lydia Hubbard, Carl Hillis, Henry's Corner, 1964

Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, 1964

The Beach Boy: Brian Wilson, David Marks, Beach Boys 1964

Beach Boy Autographs

Frank LaFave and Nancy Martin, 1963

Ron Landbloom, Edith MacGregor, 1963

Edith MacGregor, Carol Schubert, Eldon McCabe
Deniece Masters, Larry Echeverria, Pat Mann & Jim Robertson

Diane Rudeau, Susan Lee, Edith MacGregor
Janice Bergeson, Janis Lee

Pat McNary, Patsy Cowan & Charlotte Goodluck

The Markettes, 1965, Jr. Sr. Prom

The Markettes

Nancy Martin, Ron Landbloom, Winter Formal, 1963

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Student Council February 1965

May 14, 1964- Officers elected for 1964-65
Student Council Executive Board

Row 1-Deniece Masters, Pat Mann-President
Row 2-Mike Lincoln, Ron Benally, Jim Robertson

From the Left: Pat Mann, Deniece Master, Judy Kilgore, Jim Robertson (standing)
Janis Lee, Laura McCammon, Mr. Tony Munoz, Mr. George Burns, Lydia Hubbard
Mike Lincoln, Jeff Meyers, Ron Benally, Carl Hillis, Janice Bergeson

Row 1-Pat McNary, Deniece Masters, Laura McCammon, Lydia Hubbard, Janice Bergeson, Pat Mann, Janice Lee
Row 2-Eldon McCabe, Ron Benally, Carl Hillis, Mike Lincoln, Jeff Meyers, Jim Robertson