Vietnam Veterans

Some Gave All

Alvin Adikai Jr.
Class of 1967
PFC, US Army
Window Rock, AZ
22 Years Old
Born January 21, 1949
KIA March. 14, 1971
Quang Tri, South Vietnam

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall
Panel 04W - Line 45


Leonard Martin Hickson
Class of 1966
SGT/E4, US Army
Ft. Defiance, AZ
22 Years Old
Born August 22, 1946
KIA May 18, 1969
Thua Thien, South Vietnam

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall
Panel 24W - Line 42

Michael Howard Bia
Class of 1965
PFC, US Army
Window Rock, AZ
21 Years Old
Born January 4, 1947
KIA June 6, 1968
Thua Thien, Vietnam

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall
Panel 60W - Line 25

Alvin Chester
LCPL, US Marines
Window Rock, AZ
21 Years Old
Born December 7, 1943
KIA July 5, 1965
Binh Dinh, South Vietnam


Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall
Panel 02E - Line 27




A Tribute To Vietnam Veterans


Vietnam Era Veterans




Branch of Service

*   Levi Damon 1960 US Army
*   Natonabah, Paul 1961  
    Nelson, Don 1961 US Navy
    Tomlinson, Mike 1962 US Marine
*   Watchman, David 1962 US Army
*   Yazza, Arthur 1962 US Army
    Arviso, James 1963 US Army
*   Dawes, Irwin 1963 US Marine
    Anderson, Larry 1965 US Marine
    Elmer Francisco 1965 US Marine
*   Ayze, Franklin 1965 US Army
**   Bia, Michael Howard 1965 US Army
*   Cohoe, Robert 1965 US Air Force
    Cohoe, Vernon 1965 US Marine
*   Hardy, Freddie 1965 US Army
    Hillis,  Carl 1965 US Army
    Jones, Kimmel 1965 US Air Force
*   Long, Joseph 1965 US Marine
*   Nahlee, Lawrence 1965 US Army
*   Rowe, Roy 1965 US Air Force
    Speicher, Bill 1965 US Air Force
*   Walker, Walter 1965 US Marine
*   Watchman, Earnest 1965 US Army
    White, George 1965 US Army
    Witten, Bunkie 1965 US Army
*   Denetclaw, Pierce 1966 US Air Force
    Davidson, Sr.,  Ramsey 1966 US Army
**   Hickson, Leonard  1966 US Army
    Hillis, Mervyn 1966 US Navy
    Medlock, Jim 1966 US Navy
    Nelson, Larry 1966 US Army
*   Smiley, Harold 1966 US Marine
*   Shirley, Emmerson 1966 US Army
*   Kenneth Williams 1966 US Army
**   Adikai, Jr., Alvin 1967 US Army
    Bates, Lester 1967 US Army
*   ClauscheeRegis, Michael 1967 US Army
*   Francisco, Frank 1967 US Air Force
    Nelson, Mike 1967 US Army
    Sandoval,  Robert E. 1967 US Army
    Tomlinson, Joseph C 1967 US Air Force
*   Yazzie, Frank 1967 US Army
    Arviso Sr., Ted 1968 US Army
*   Hillis, Clyde 1968 US Marine
    Nelson, Tom 1968 US Navy
    Boyd, Betty A. 1969 US Army
    Wilson "Willie" Anderson 1969 US Air Force
    Anthony Brown 1970 US Army
    Dennis Christesen 1970 US Marine
    Hillis, Lowell 1970 US Army
*   Hardy, Tommy 1970 US Marine
Thomas, Michael 1970 US Army
Sanderson, Art 1970 US Marine
Eugene Atcitty 1971 US Navy
Phillip Dodge 1971 US Navy
Russell W. Hillis 1971 US Army
Robbins, Stan 1972 US Marine
Sanders, Jerry Wayne 1972
Thomas, Scott 1972 US Army
Tso-Rohrer, Esther 1972 US Navy
Jerry Skiles 1973 US Air Force
Tsosie , David 1973 US Navy
Tsosie, Vernon H. 1973 US Navy
Paul Irving 1976 US Marine
Tsosie, Emerson 1977 US Navy
Tsosie III, Herb 1979 US Navy
**   Killed In Action    
*   Deceased    


The Wall
by Catherine Anne McNeill

I walked along that long black wall, with names as far as I could see.
Friends I knew in childhood now etched in memories.
I've touched their names so many times, remembered them with love.
I walk along, the rain pours down, tears from heaven above.

I watch a Vet, deep in thought, pain across his face.
He walks a mother to the wall; he's taken his friend's place.
She reaches out to touch a name, the one that was her son.
They pause together in the rain, their memories a bond.

The men who fought, the men who died, their names for all to see
Their lives so brief, fallen short, a page in history.
We can't forget what they had done, so many years ago.
Sacrifices they have made the bravery they showed.

I walked along that long black wall, crying in the rain.
For all those men who've touched our lives, we'll never see again.