Beatrice Emroy "Betty" (Powell) Nelson
April 17, 1917 – January 23, 2011


On behalf of my brothers and sisters and the greater Nelson family I want to express our thanks to all the kindness shown our family after Mom passed last Sunday.  Your words of condolence and your great stories of Mom were a great comfort to us all. Mom's memory will live on in all of us as we try to live up to her example of courage and strength. 

God Bless you all,
Larry Nelson


Just got off the phone with Carol. Larry's mom passed today. I'm sure we all have fond memories of this grand lady. Whenever my mom thought she had her hands full with Billy, Joan, Jill and me, all she had to do was step next door and see what a handful was really all about. We always thought Mrs. Nelson should be a Saint raising that bunch and doing a great job with each one of those kids!

We are all with your mom, your family and you today Larry. Be safe on your trip back to Minnesota tomorrow.

We'll say a prayer for your mom.

Jim Robertson

I just read the emails about your mother's passing. I am so sorry to hear this news. She was indeed a good lady and will be missed by all. We all have many fond memories of your mother. My most heart felt condolences to you and your family.

Frank LaFave

Please accept our sincere condolences. Know that we are thinking and praying for you and the entire Nelson family. God bless not only this day, but each and every day.

Evelyn Reed-Herzog

Sending my condolences, thoughts and prayers to you and your siblings. Treasure the memories of your dear mother, she had a good son in you. Hi to Carol.

Ella Natonabah

Oh Larry, I'm so sorry, I have no idea why but I've been thinking of you and felt concerned. Billy said that Carol was in the hospital at Christmas and I was not aware, so sorry I did not ask about her and how she is doing. I can't tell you how sorry I am about your mom passing. I'll say a pray for you and all your family. Take care.

Mary Jo Beach-Batt

I know that your mom will be missed so much by so many and hope that you are comforted by the number of years she lived and the many experiences you shared. I didn't know her personally but know that many considered her to be an icon at Window Rock. I feel sure that the large and loving family that she left behind will remember her always.

Nancy Martin-Rikel

So sorry to hear that your Mom passed away. Our prayers are with you and your family during this time of your loss and hope great memories are revisited and your family shares in your closeness of love with each other. Have a safe trip in your travels to Minnesota and return safely home! Take care and we will visit soon!
Love to you and Carol!
Mitzie Cordes-Heydt

Larry, was talking to dad, he has the picture I wanted to scan and send to you, but he is clueless about computers, I still remember the day we all sat on the wall eating watermelon, looked more like a baseball team than the kids from the Adams' and Nelson family. My condolences to you and your family.

God Bless Mitzi Adams

I have the BEST memories of her! She helped get off a rock I was stuck on near your house, drove me to the pens to feed the lambs when it was snowing like crazy, etc. We were all blessed by her! How old was she?

Maria Cooper

Just wanted to let you know I was so sorry to hear about your mom. I don't remember having met your parents back in high school but I have heard good things about them.

Christine Pitts-McDonald

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I called my mom right away when I heard the sad news from another source and she said she would have to go to mass again (on TV) at 10 am so she could pray for the family. Mom's are so special. Please give the rest of the family our condolences.

From the Laura Bennett family

Just a quick note to let you know you and your family will be in my prayers for the next few days. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. I lost my mother 11 years ago and still miss her every day. Please know that you have a huge circle of friends that will be thinking and praying for you in these tough days ahead.

A friend, Murphy Fair

Gosh Larry I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Moms are special and I still miss my mother. I miss the "atta girl" thing when I'd tell her something and she would be happy for me. And when I called her, ALWAYS, she made it seem as though she was happy to hear from me. Even if I called her at work to tell on Ann or Frankie because they were picking on me. All I can do is send you a BIG, long, tight hug.

Take care Cheryl LaFave-Cordova

Sorry to hear that you mother has passed away. I remember her as a very attractive, patient mother. I hope your family will be comforted at this time and that the blessing of God will be with all of you.

Please express to you brothers and sisters my sincere condolences. Say hi, to all of them from me and that I think of them from time-to-time when I think of Window Rock and old friends there.

Your friend, Stephen Krause Class of 1966

Dear Larry, I'm so saddened to read of your mother's passing. I know it wasn't unexpected, but no matter when or why, we are never ready.... My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. Hugs.

Claudia Houseknecht-Dugan






I know words cannot express how deeply saddened I am to have heard of your moms passing. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. May she rest in peace.

Eileen Kyselka-Scales

Hi Larry, please extend my condolences to the family.

Janie Wall Little

It is with sorrow and grief I feel for the passing of your mother and please accept our deepest condolence for your loss. You take care and stay in touch.

Len Foster
Fort Defiance, Arizona
WRHS '67

Just got an email from Claudia letting me know your Mom passed away. I am sorry for your loss. Please pass my condolences on to Kathy, Tom and the rest of your family.

I remember going up the hill to your house, and your Mom always made me feel welcome.

Peace to you and your siblings,

Nela Myers-Faddis

Hi Marvin – you probably don’t remember me but you might remember my sisters (Barbara and Beverly). My mother is Laura and I think our dad was my bother Tom’s God-father. Tom use to call him “God Nelson”.

Anyway, someone by the name of Brenda had told Barbara Munn about your mom and Barb forwarded me your email address.

Larry and I were just talking about your mom last week (email actually) and I am so sorry to hear about her passing. I just wanted to send my family’s condolences and say how sorry we are. Mom went to mass twice Monday (TV mass that is). The second time she said was to pray for “my dear friend’s family”.

Mom fell and broke her hip just before your mom fell. Again, Larry and I were comparing notes so to speak.

I know mom spoke with Bev yesterday but I don’t know if she told her about your mom. I will be seeing Bev this weekend so I will make sure she knows.

T E R E S A "Terry" Bennett

I think everyone knows that I am not much of a net guy, but I do get on every once in a while. I'm sorry to here about your mother and hope all of you are well and assume getting together in Minnesota. By the time I got to know the family Donna Jean and Johnny were on the scene and your mother was constantly chasing them around Tribal Hill Drive. She was an amazing woman having to contend with endless numbers of Nelsons. Hopefully her later years were enjoyable and peaceful, and I'm sure she enjoyed seeing or hearing from all of you during years past.

Let us know what you and Carol are doing and when you plan to come back to the White Mountains, if you're not already there. Our thoughts and prayers,

Pete and Jean Cooper

There's nothing I can say or do to take away the pain of your loss, and that of the rest of the family. Please know I had the utmost respect for your mother, and Like Jim said, if there was ever a candidate for sainthood, Betty should have been canonized. She should have received hazardous duty, and combat pay taking care of the likes of all of the Nelson clan. I'll never forget how beautiful your mother looked when she was all dressed up for church, or other special occasions. She was one of those rare women who projects a natural beauty that's difficult not to notice. From our conversations, I know Betty was in ill-health. I don't know what her quality of life was in the end, but please take some solace in the fact she is with our Lord, and not hurting, or uncomfortable. Your Mother will be, along with the rest of you, in my thoughts and prayers. Betty was a good woman, and had a good full life, and was blessed with a wonderful family. She's only gone physically. Her spirit is with our Lord. Please pass along my condolences to your bothers and sisters. God Bless you all in your time of loss and grief.

A friend always,
Bill Speicher

To the Nelsons:

You are in our thoughts and prayers during this sad and difficult time. May our Lord bring you comfort and peace.

Ernie and Loretta Tsosie

I am very sorry for your recent loss. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your family.

I spent several years in the 60's in Window Rock (3rd grade and into high school). I lived near the Nelson family, and if memory serves me, I knew a Kathy Nelson - I knew Kathy and I pretty sure her last name was Nelson. I take it she is related to you. Kathy and I used to play as children and I still remember her.

As I get older it seems like I want to travel down those dusty memory roads and often my mind ends up in Window Rock. Could you pass this on to Kathy for me. I'd like to say "hi" to her and I hope she is well.

I remember Mrs. Nelson was always a wonderful person. When I was about 8 or 9, I ordered seeds from an ad in the back of a comic book and Mrs. Nelson was the only one who bought from me. I'll never forget that - its funny what you remember. Of all my memories, I remember that like it was yesterday -

But not so sure about Kathy. I'm sure Kathy's last name was Nelson but then again, I could be wrong and if I am, I am sorry for the mix up.

God bless you and your family.

Mitch Battese

I value your friendship and sincerely
wish you peace.
Bunkie Witten

I know this time is a sad one for you and your siblings. Just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you these past few days. As I'm sure you've heard said many times since her death, Betty was a wonderful mom to all of us during those great years in WR. You and I have shared during our recent times together how we all could go in and out of each other's house and feel almost at home there. That's what a small town affords, and what family values of the sixties were about for all of us. I mostly remember the time spent around your breakfast table and the lazy suzan filled with all sorts of goodies. I remember your mom's patience and calmness in the midst of loudness from all of us.

Hope your time together is filled with gladness, and that you have a safe trip back to AZ.

Your friend,
Jim Medlock

Dear Larry,

I am so very sorry to hear about you mom, you're lucky though to have
had her for such a long time, My sincere sympathy goes out to you and
your family.

Elouise (Dinker Tsosie) Laughing

From Face Book

"I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. Keeping you all in my prayers. Travel safely and be well."

Valerie Harrison

Sorry for your loss. What a wonderfully long life.

Paula Jo Mahon

Sorry Larry. She was like a second mom for a number of years (to almost every kid in WR).

Scott Adams