Booster Club

History of the Booster Club
Laura Bennett

History of Organization 

Judson R. Avey was born at Clinton, Arkansas on April 19, 1935 to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Avey. He attended Clinton City Schools and graduated from Clinton High School in 1953. In his Junior and Senior years, he was selected for All State. He then entered Kilgore Junior College in 1953 for one semester, then transferred to Arkansas State Teachers College in 1954. While there, he was named to the Arkansas Interscholastic Conference. In 1957, he graduated with a B.S.E. Degree and in 1963 received an M.S.E. from the same college. He then coached Varsity Basketball and Junior High Football at Paragould for two years, then taught at Sanders in 1959 where he also coached football and baseball. In 1960 he came to Window Rock High School as Varsity Baseball and Assistant Football Coach; then served as Varsity Football coach for two years. 

He was married to Jane Myers Avey; they had two boys, Judson Jr. and Jay. Jud Avey met his untimely death in a freak tractor accident in July 1964. Just previous to that, he and Fermin Echeverria and Bill Speicher had made plans to start a Quarterback Club. Therefore, in the fall of 1964, two groups were formed. The men called themselves the Quarterback Club and the women's auxiliary group went by the name of Side Line Coaches. 

On August 31, 1964, the Side Line Coaches had an organizational dinner meeting at the Window Rock Recreation Hall; there were 43 women present. Officers were elected at this time. It is unknown when the Quarterback Club first met and how many were present--we do recall that there were more women in the Side Line Coaches Club, however. 

On November 18, 1964 the executive committees of both clubs met at the home of Bill Speicher; initial plans were made for both clubs to merge. Then on February 1, 1965, a general meeting was held at the Fort Defiance Subagency Conference Room; it was decided that both clubs would merge and the club would be known as the WINDOW ROCK HIGH SCHOOL BOOSTER CLUB. A proposed constitution was discussed and it was decided that officers of both groups would be members of the Executive Board. Ruth Jones, Treasurer of the Sideline Coaches, resigned her position as she felt that two Treasurers were not needed. 

The first Annual Judson Avey Sportsmanship Award Banquet was held on December 7, 1964; Vernon Cohoe was the recipient. Each year since, a memorial sportsmanship award has been given to a varsity football player; it is called the Judson Avey Sportsmanship Award. Each recipient of the award has his name inscribed on the large trophy maintained in the troph5 case at the High School Field House; a smaller individual trophy is giver to the individual recipient. The points that a player is graded on are as follows: (Note: The Booster Club would like this award to go to a Senior whenever possible. The award will in no way hinge on the boys ability to play football.) 

  1. Attends practice sessions when at all possible.
  2. Follows instructions to the best of his ability.
  3. Displays proper respect for the coaching staff, managers and trainers.
  4. Proper care and respect for his equipment.
  5. Is aware of the definition of the word "Team".
  6. Is a good loser without taking the loss too lightly.
  7. Is a gracious winner.
  8. Sparks his team at practice, in a game, or from the bench.
  9. Supports his team and its players even away from the football field.
  10. Uses self control with the opposition, referees and team mates.
  11. On out of town trips, is a credit to his team, his school, hi coaches and his parents.
  12. Ability to accept criticism.
  13. Is not a quitter regardless of provocation.
  14. Observes training rules to the best of the coaches knowledge.

During the first years, these were some of the activities that were under taken by the newly formed Booster Club: 

  1. Homecoming dance was sponsored.
  2. First participation of club in Homecoming Parade.
  3. Sweatshirts were purchased for resale to club members.
  4. First Awards Banquet held on 12/7/64; Vernon Coho recipient.
  5. Public welcoming of basketball boys from District Tournament.
  6. Harlem Stars game on 4/l/65 with the "W/R Booster Club Debs" (all male members) playing in the preliminary game.
  7. Final reading and approval of Constitution on 4/5/65 and election of officers for next school year.
  8. Booster Club ladies "manned" the concession stand at Track Meet under the lights on 4/30/65.
  9. Awards Night. Women members donated pie, punch and coffee. Approximately 250 persons attended this gathering on 5/3/65; all students were honored who participated in various WRHS activities. new officers for next school year were installed.
  10. Hamburger Fry at Summit on 5/22/65, honoring approximately 14C students (we had a near forest fire!).
  11. Meeting on 8/2/65 at St. Bernard Hall at Navajo, New Mexico.
  12. Breakfast meetings were begun this year (2nd year).
  13. Raffle held during homecoming to raise funds.
  14. 2nd Annual Judson Avey Sportsmanship Awards Banquet held on 11/30/65 in the Navajo Police Academy; Larry Arnold recipient.
  15. In December, 1965, we began our plans to purchase diploma replicas for all graduating Seniors, which has been carried on since.
  16. In 1970, we began giving Player of the Week awards; parents of these recipients were honored at the next home football game after the Player was chosen.


Laura T. Bennett
Secretary 1972-73