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Update January 15, 2004

Here is the statement I prepared and read:


School Board members, faculty, students, & community members, (oops, I forgot to include alumni)

During the November 12th School Board meeting, the Superintendent was directed to survey the community on the Superintendent's proposed Scout Head logo change and to have the results ready by the January board meeting.

To date, I haven't seen this survey. And in checking with friends and family members that work with or indirectly with the school district, they haven't seen a survey either.

Just before that Nov 12th meeting, a draft copy of the proposed changes appeared in the district employees mailboxes. It was back-dated with the date of August 28, 2003. Aren't you a bit curios? Don't you wonder why a draft dated August 28th wasn't distributed to the employees until almost 3 months later? (and only after I started challenging her on this)

I personally don't object to the wedding basket design if the Superintendent wanted to use that as her "academic logo" but I strongly object to any proposed changes to the current Scout Head logo (whether it is to be used for academics, athletics, outstanding employee awards, coffee mugs for security, or newspaper articles.)

The un-approved Scout Head logo is still showing up on memos, letter head, notices to parents about the school annual, ink pens, sports schedules, etc. So when it was explained that the unofficial logo would be used for academics only, that wasn't quite true because it is being used for everything.

Since the proposed logo change is not on the agenda for tonight's meeting and since no action was taken against your directive, I would like to ask the board to kill the idea - just totally can the idea of having two Scout Heads. Send a written directive to the Administration telling them to immediately cease the use of the unofficial Scout Head logo for everything and any thing. I don't believe anyone wants or needs two Scout Head logos. The one we have is sufficient.

Thank you for your time.

Respectfully submitted, Teresa "Terry" Bennett
WRHS Alumni & Community member
Class of 1973


Update Aug. 28, 2003

As Reported by
Teresa "Terry" Bennett
Class of '73

The results of the Board Meeting on August 27, 2003 are as follows:

1. The school colors are NOT changing. They will remain Columbia Blue and White or silver with a touch of navy now and then.

2. The High School building went though a face lift this summer. The building was repainted and is no longer three shades of pastel blue. The colors that were chosen are a natural tan with a reddish-brown trim. They are still working on the building so it's not quite done but in "my" opinion, the building colors are a nice combination. The fact that it's the same colors as Ganado's buildings just happens to be a coincidence.

3. Jud Avey field will NOT be re-named. The history, integrity and tradition of the Jud Avey Memorial Field remains as is.

4. The Scout head that we all know and are familiar with, is the "official, approved" logo. It has NOT changed & there are no plans to change it. If they need to reaffirm the official logo, they will.

5. The logo that is appearing on the WRUSD website, school stationary, sports schedules, etc. is NOT the official Scout logo.

Alumni that still live in the area, are urged to attend a board meeting or two. Just showing your face, introducing yourself to the board and making your presence known really makes a big difference. The next board meeting will be held Sept 10 at 6 p.m. at the Tse Ho Tso Primary Learning Center.

Also, the school district in desperate for teachers - at all grade levels. At the high school, the students are having to sit in the cafeteria area because they don't have a teacher in their classroom. If you know of any teachers looking for a job, needing a change of scenery, wanting to make a difference, and are ready for a challenge, have them contact the school district personnel office 928-729-7517. They need to have their AZ certification or be able to get their AZ certification.


Changes Being Made:

  • High School Being Painted Earth Tones

  • Mascot Being Changed

  • Jud Avey Stadium Being Renamed

First Mighty Scout 

Mighty Scout

Fighting Scout

Fighting Scout

Feedback From Classmates & Faculty:

The following letters were written in the summer and fall of 2004.

Since that time, the WR School Board has agreed not the change the name of Jud Avey Stadium. However, there is no name posted at this time. (See Home Page Slide Show.) The school has been repainted in traditional Native American basket colors. The school colors remain as blue and white with occasional use of gray. The unofficial logo continues to be used randomly without School Board approval.


Too all of my classmates from class of 2002, to the classes before me and to the classes that are to come.

Hello my name is Gregory Hardy class of 2002, I was at the high school today picking up some football and volleyball forms for my cousins so they could join sports this year. Well I found out that the schools superintendent is changing our school logo, you know our scout head she is changing it, i saw what it looked like, it looks like an apache not a Navajo, i do not see Navajo’s wearing feathers in their hair, and the new scout head looks like a little boys not a grown scout. That’s not the only thing the color of the high school or the color they are painting it. The color they are painting our high school looks like Ganado school colors, not fighting scouts colors. I just thought i need to informing you, too see if you knew about the change on our school logo, and the painting of the high school. I thought our school colors where navy blue, columba blue, and white, and the paint on school now is not our school colors, the paint that is on the high school now is brown and a reddish maroon color. I just thought i let you know what i saw today and what i found out.

Greg Hardy 2002

Good afternoon everyone, I am a current teacher here at Window Rock Unified School District and an alumni. I just wanted to respond to some of the comments being made about our new high school building. The colors that are being used on the building is the color of a Navajo Basket. Don't we want to incorporate the Dine values in our community and school? That's why the colors have changed. From my point of view it's better than the pastel colors that were there before. I stand behind my superintendent in whatever she decides. "Change" is what we need to bring "Scout Pride" back to our school. Not only us as administers and teacher, but as a community. Most of the information that you are getting are not totally honest. If you want to be apart of what we are doing please attend district orientation that is on Monday, August 11th at the high school to see all the wonderful things that will happen this school year.

Karen J

Dear Karen J,

I'm a 1980 graduate from WRHS. I too support any positive changes that need to be made. But changing a schools mascot and or colors is not the change needed to "bring Scout Pride" back. Its PEOPLE! Not change of colors or a new cutie mascot can change it. It's up to YOU, and the STAFF to bring pride into the school. If changes like they above mentioned are changed, it takes the pride out of all of us who had plenty of Scout Pride with the mascot and colors that even my brothers had in 1965. Please continue to support the district, but keep in mind those colors and mascot belong to a great many of us who STILL have "Scout Pride".

I live out of state, and can not attend a meeting, but will do my best to hear my voice heard via email and or phone. Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you, Sue Speicher/McCauley

PS What; they want to change the name of the football field, too!!!!!!!!! I refuse to be a part of the PAST WRHS! Jud Avey is what Scout Pride is all about, what's next?


I had heard a rumor or two about the new superintendent changing the Scout head but I thought that it was just a rumor. I'm glad Greg Hardy brought it to our attention. I've been out of town most of July so I haven't seen the new paint job. I'll have to make it a point to drive by there today.

Anyway, I also heard "rumors" that they are going to rename "Judd Avey" field. Remember now, this is strictly a rumor and I have no idea how valid this is. I didn't know Coach Avey I was too young but it's a name I think we've all come to honor and respect.

I don't know about you but I do NOT support the changing the Scout head or renaming Judd Avey field and I agree that we need to email the Supt and send letters to the Board members.

If you feel like I do, then I'm asking you to please email to Dr. Dennison and let her know you are against the changes. The website for the WRSD is . I did talk with one of the school board members who
would not commit to being in favor or in opposition of those changes. As alumni, we do have a voice. So please let your opinions be known?

You can send your letters to the board members at this address. I could not get their personal mailing addresses but they do have mail slots at the district office so I guess they'll get it.

Window Rock School District #8
ATTN: name, School Board Member
PO Box 559
Fort Defiance, AZ 86504

Teresa "Terry" Bennett
Class of '73

Hi Nancy,

I just had to reply to the unbelievable controversy about the colors at WRHS. As you and I well know the original colors of turquoise and silver were chosen to reflect the Native American jewelry. What could be more appropriate than that? After all these years of tradition, why the change? It is my understanding the school spirit and pride of the school is no longer there. How about working on respect and education needed instead of changing the mascot and school colors? I am so surprised that this is an important issue. Actually I am surprised any one would even consider this.

Diane Rudeau-Bonaguidi Class of 1965

With all due respect,

What is tradition? Here’s how Webster’s Dictionary defines it. To hand down, Customs and usages transmitted from one generation to another and viewed as a coherent body of precedents influencing the present.

This is what the Window Rock High School Scout Mascot means to me:

Tradition A chain…link by link A birthing of my learning and the shaping of my destiny A place of nurturing and intense watchfulness A deep essence of honor, pride, belonging, and family A place of building lifelong friendships, trust, and personal bonding An immutable connection, Love.

As much as I desire independence and take pride in stretching my wings, “Tradition” always puts me back in my place. I wonder often of the School Colors, The Mascot, The School Song – it’s so much a part of me – it is a part of me. Although most of us do not know one another, we are linked and bound together by this same school tradition from past generations that went before us to the present.

I encourage the idea of change; however in this case, there are so many unanswered questions? The main theme seems to be to enhance “School Pride”. Really now…do you absolutely believe that changing the school mascot will enhance the present school environment.

You want the SECRET to enhancing the school environment – GET FANATICALLY ENTHUSIASTIC about supporting the school traditions. Walk through the corridors singing the school song; wear a letterman jacket with the scout mascot and school colors three or four times a day. Shake hands and greet the students between classes, ask them for their ideas to make “our” school better. Meet with the parents and students at least monthly and let them in on what you’re doing. Ask for their support – “WE” are more than willing to give it – if you only ask. Show up at ALL the school functions and PROMOTE the school traditions – be the first one to cheer the loudest. Get your staff to back you up with enthusiasm. Have them do the same thing you do and if they’re not willing to do that – well…there’s always a closet somewhere they can hide in.

Believe me, a wonderful synergy often occurs as the result of ENTHUSIASM. We are all human; we sometimes try to change something, someplace, or someone. The real culprit is usually ourselves, our own lack of confidence, lack of judgment, lack of planning and worry about our status, position, or power tend to reject the ideas of others, protect our turf, and keep people at bay. It will sometimes even cloud the real solutions we are looking for.

So in essence, treat our school traditions with respect and leave it the way it is. It is not where the problem lies. The challenges lie in the mechanics. You see…the traditions make up the chassis, the school system makes up the engine, but the fuel that allows this school vehicle to run is you, your staff, and how you well you communicate with the students and the community. Seems to me there is not enough fuel. Reckon it’s time to “Cowboy Up!”

Best in Business,

David Tsosie Class of ‘73

David, how well you have said this. Your suggestions for improvement are right on. School spirit comes from the feeling of belonging and being a part of a school. Back in the early days of WRHS we all had that spirit because we had the close feeling of being "together" and being a Scout was something to be proud of. Keep the "old" Scout and colors!!

Beth Mays-Villegas '61

I say BRAVO to Dave Tsosie for his eloquent solution to the mascot, color, name change problems facing WRHS today. I could not have said it better. Makes me proud to be an alumni of WRHS.

The traditions and pride of WRHS were but only a part of what made WRHS special....the biggest factors were staff and teachers that cared about the students. They were good examples to follow, and the students themselves were products of an atmosphere that carried on into adulthood making them a special group of people that share a special bond regardless of race, age, or the color of their clothes or their social status.

I believe the students will reflect the values and traditions set before them by those in charge. It is up to the faculty to make sure the input ideologies, actions, teaching will have a favorable and positive output by the students........The Scout mascot, school colors, and Jud Avery Field are a part of those basic values and traditions that made the alumni of WRHS the people they are today.

WRHS, we alumni are concerned about the future of the school as well as the students who attend, and I for one oppose changing colors, names, or mascots.

Cheryl LaFave-Cordova Class of 1966

Go Dave!! You are so eloquent with your words and like Dave Radcliff, speak for so many of us. Thank you Dave for taking the time to write. People need to know that the Scout, Columbia Blue and White and all other long standing traditions are big reasons why so many of us are educated, successful, insightful and caring human beings. Changes are needed in our educational system as they were in our school years, but change needs to be methodical and useful. Leave the stuff that works alone. The Window Rock Scout and school colors work. Leave them alone.

Just a short footnote. When the Scout bust was tiled into the entranceway to the main high school building, I made a point never to walk on him. That is how much I respected the Mascot and what he stood for.

Jerry Skiles Class of 73

P.S. Nancy, please forward my comments onto the powers at WRHS as you did Dave's. Thanks.

To all alumni,

I thought it would be time to give you my input, I have been trying to stay out of all of this because of the "politics" that has now taken over our school district. This due to the fact that we have several tribal chapter officials and tribal councilmen on our school board. Plus, I had recently been in a position that I was later denied because of these politics, but anyway, here goes...

First of all, the colors that the teacher had spoke of was not concerning the school colors, those still remain columbia blue and white, with an occasional navy blue. The colors that this teacher was talking about concerned the painting of the high school, which is in the earth tones mentioned.

Second of all, the logo was changed unrepentantly by the "powers that be" without consulting others about the change. This can be easily done by whoever is in charge by simply telling those below her to use this logo from now on. Interestingly enough it had been presented to the 2003 graduating seniors to use on their graduation program last year and they rejected it and voted for the old one. Because no one has said anything either because they are afraid to or because it was done over the summer months, whatever the reason it was done. I came back and noticed that the new "Scout head" is now on all correspondence sent out from the school district. I personally do not like the new "scout head", if one looks at it "traditionally", Navajos do not wear feathers and never used bow and arrows, so it doesn't fit what we alumni feel it should.

Thirdly, "the powers that be" are also in the process of changing the Judd Avey name on the football stadium. As an alumnus, I also am against this, but looks like no one is stepping in to do anything about it. I do not know what the basis is for the change, but I do know that there are a lot of alumni and present students who are against it. It seems that since no one is objecting to it, then this "power" is probably just doing it for whatever personal reason she may have. And since the logo change was done so easily, what's to stop her from changing the Judd Avey name?

My suggestion? Let them know! Flood the central office, the superintendent, and the school board members with e-mails, phone calls, letters. The school board members are elected officials and can be persuaded if need be. As I said before, my voice is a small voice, and since I already teacher here, I am literally an "unheard" voice. Or at least that's how I feel especially since things have happened to me before, although it is a new superintendent, the school board has not changed when I had my past problems with this school district.


p.s. Just so you know, our present superintendent is an alumni of WRHS, interesting huh?

Hello to All:

I am a bit shocked to find that people are saying that the logo for the WR Fighting Scouts have changed. As a Governing Board member to WRUSD we have never changed the logo. In fact, there are several versions but the one that was developed by the class of 1983 remains the same on most products and event brochures. Now I know that the district office has a select version with twin arrows and that this is placed on the web page, but the historical perspective on the official logo remains the same. I think that this is being taken a little bit to far.

Lastly, the letter indicates the color change of the High School. For the Primary, WR Elementary, Sawmill School, and Intermediate, each of these schools are to natural colors. We have finally received funding to improve our existing schools and for the High School have casted the colors to natural colors because of the stucco finishing. In fact, as the new high school was built and the finish paint was done in true "scout" colors, the painting faded because of the type of weather we receive, thereby the natural colors offered a better balance. We at the district have worked hard to where we are at and to take an anonymous letter of these changes with no call to me as a board member or even to my colleagues both administratively and board wise makes me wonder why they don't list their names accordingly. Yesterday at the district we had what we called District Day and not one district staff complained of the logo or colors. In fact while we were in session all day long the construction workers have been working full time to get all the schools ready by the time school starts.

I will make mention of this at our board meeting on August 18, 2003 to an anonymous complaint even though I get some but never address but as this has reached all of you as classmates I feel I need to address this through my board meeting and come to closure. If the anonymous complainer comes forward I will allow them to address the board as part of the Call to the Public. I stand by the improvements we have made for the community. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Theresa Galvan Board Member WRUSD

Member Theresa Galvin, WRUSD Governing Board

Thank you for your letter of explanation. Since you are in a very important decision-making role, we feel compelled to express our concerns and clarify what may be rumor or may be factual.

A school, where thousands of young people have spent up to twelve years of their lives, is the source of highly emotional sentiment. This has been demonstrated by the countless contributions to the very young website <> by former students to recapture some of what was lost due to the disastrous fire of April l981 and to the geographic distance that now separates us from the community that was a very proud part of our youth. Once a student, always an alumnus.

Loss has also been a natural occurrence due to the turnover of faculty and employees that have served the district throughout the years since the first beginnings. Replacements do not arrive with the knowledge, background, or fervor to perpetuate what they know nothing of.

So much was lost, and alumni have difficulty accepting that physical evidence of individual and team accomplishments, pictures, personal awards, championship achievements, records to substantiate those--to mention a few-no longer exist. Our website is an attempt to document the students' honors. For example, we have people now researching the names of students who were presented the prestigious Bausch & Lomb Award during the 60's & 70's. Alumni and former faculty have joined in the effort to recapture some old treasurers with photos, personal stories and news clippings. All of this has brought us back together again and we find that our school spirit is as strong today as it was "back then".

Your school newspaper sponsor, Winona John, has been a tremendous help. We are also honored to display current photos throughout the year of the Drifting Sands Today. Winona also has connected alumni with a project of supplying copies of the 2003 yearbook for financially challenged students.

A school system is, without question, the one most powerful ingredient to bind together a community over time and generations, each looking backward and forward to shared memories of friends, learning activities, caring adults, and excitement of achievement. School traditions are the trigger points that symbolize the melting together of all ages and generations. The school with its teachers, bits of memorabilia, and that "childhood home" is one that most humans want preserved as they experienced it, a kind of tap root to the first twelve years of social living.

The concerns expressed by our participants are as follows:

  1. School colors not the buildings; the ones used in uniforms, and decorations for WRHS colors were originally Blue & Silver/Gray chosen to reflect Native American Jewelry. These colors were then changed to blue and white and hopefully will not change again.

  2. Alumni have expressed concern about the change of color of the current high school. The blue color might not be feasible with the stucco construction. However, change is often difficult to accept and some are opposed to that change.

  3. The first WRHS Scout Logo, which was designed and adopted about1958, portrays Navajo artistry and culture to honor not only The People but the talented young person who captured the idea on paper. It was redrawn in 1964 and the next change apparently came in the 1980's. All three of the Scouts are displayed at in Our School along with the original school colors. The Scout now displayed on the school website appears to be similar, but not the same, as the most recent Scout.

  4. Care and honor the Jud Avey Stadium, named by order of the Student Council in 1964. It holds a special place in alumni hearts as the site where battles of sport were fought and won and where both girls and boys trained to represent WRHS.

  5. The need to maintain long-standing, highly respected, highly coveted awards, particularly the Jud Avey Award. Educate current students as to the necessary qualities to achieve this high honor, named for an admired, role-model, outstanding coach who died too young. He was our hero and Superman who inspired us to dream and accomplish beyond our expectations.

  6. A search for the historical train engine bell, acquired and donated by the Class of l965. And the restoration of it to the original brass appearance and placed in a secured location so it can be used at various events to symbolize victory.

As I am sure you are aware, a Governing Board Member has a huge responsibility which includes providing the greatest possible school experience for the young people of your community. Traditions, school history, and student success help the young to keep their aims high. One has only to read our Guest Book in Scout Talk to realize the tremendous talent that has been generated by Our School.

I hope that this letter clarifies our concerns and that you will feel free to contact me if I can supply further information. Working together and staying informed, can only benefit everyone who so dearly loves our alma mater.

Nancy Martin Rikel Class of 1965

Nancy, your letter to the Board was excellent. It was beautifully written and seems to consolidate the concerns of the alumni of WRS. The changes although maybe subtle to the logo are very important. Several have mentioned that it now looks like an Apache; above all, it needs to look Navajo, who were and are beautiful, peaceful people. I do hope these troubling issues can be resolved peacefully to everyone's satisfaction. I appreciate your kind words about Jud and his inspiration to the students who knew him. His "be all that you can be" philosophy should be continued, of course, whether the stadium retains his name or not. I am proud of you and all those who are taking an interest in your past, your roots. This is very important because that little school was so very much of your lives and molded who you are today.

Board Members, heed the words and feelings of these alumni who are uncomfortable about the changes that you are making. Change must occur as we go forward, but some things of the past are too important to change. The children under your tutelage now may not be concerned because of their youth and ignorance of past traditions, but the thousands who have gone out into the world are very unhappy. Change what you must, but keep what you can.

With love to all of you, Jane Avey

Nancy, I truly think your letter states everything that needs to be Addressed including the changes that have been made. These items should be considered carefully. Are there no alumni working in any of the district boards of governing boards that may possibly still have Scout Pride? Sorry to vent. I am just curious to see how this turns out...

Thanks for keeping us informed Nancy. Valerie Showalter-Brandow

I hope all of you are paying attention to what this young WRHS Scout is saying. Lets keep our colors and logo as we have had since the beginning of time.

Ramona Barstow-71

That was an excellent letter to the board. I think you captured the concerns voiced by the alumnus.

Thank you for your continuing work and dedication to WRHS!

Janie Wall Little Class of 1959


I’m glad I’m on the mailing list to keep up with what's going on. It sounds like someone has forgotten the pride of the fighting scouts. My dad died a scout and I’ve always been a scout at heart. I even have a real nice picture of the scout head in my house and changing it, to me, would be a great mistake.

I support the fight to keep the colors and the mascot the same as yesterday, today and forever.

Jud Avey Jr.

I am an alumni of WRHS who attended from the sixth grade until my Junior year.

I have always kept those years as some of the most dear and important ones of my life.

I am writing to you from Seoul South Korea where I work. I mention this only to state that no matter where anyone is in the world, that person will always keep a deep sense of pride about their years of growth in one of the finest schools ever to exist. We all have a profound fondness in our hearts of the "blue and white" colors and our "Scout".

We have all certainly observed "change" in our lives, some for the better, and I must say much for the worse since our high school days. But change
for the sake of change is never an improvement, and that is what I think is about to happen in Window Rock.

Please reconsider your decisions to change a highly valued, time-honored tradition that binds all of the alumni of that great school.

I don't know if you are aware of the reunions which have taken place over the past few years, but with each passing year new faces from our proud school emerge from all over the country. We all speak of the blessings of pride and friendship that was born at WRHS, and how those days were "the best" of our lives.

If the current student body were made aware of the immense interest shown from the students who preceded them concerning the changing of school colors and mascot, I believe they would learn the true meaning of tradition, and would then realize that they are part of a very proud heritage.

Please consider all concerns as you carry the responsibility of preserving our school's future.

James Medlock
Class of 1966

August 16, 2003

To the Board Members and Superintendent of WRHS:

I have been reading, with great interest, all the emails that have been exchanged between alumni, school board members and teachers about the imminent changes that are about to occur at WRHS. And it hurts me to think that the time-honored traditions that I grew up with at WRHS starting in 1955 as a 2nd grader are about to change. I think Davie Tsosie’s email about “tradition” says it all.

One thing I haven’t read about all these changes is WHY? Why has the school board and the Superintendent decided to do away with all those time honored traditions that have been the identity of WRHS since it was established? What good is supposed to be achieved by making those changes? Has the importance of “Mighty Scout” or “Fighting Scout” or “Turquoise and Silver” lost all their value in terms of school spirit?

I understand also, that the Jud Avey Memorial Stadium is going to get a name change. Please tell me why? Webster defines memorial as: “something designed to preserve the memory of a person…” I don’t imagine any of you knew or remember Jud Avey, or this change wouldn’t even be on the table for consideration. Jud Avey’s importance to the history of WRHS went way beyond the football field. He was an educator first of all and he left his mark on the lives of hundreds of high school students during his time at WRHS. It was for this and his untimely death that the board members and parents and students of that time had the wisdom to honor Jud in the manner they did. Just because you have the power, what gives you the right to undo that?

There is also the unanswered question about the Avey Memorial Sportsmanship Award Trophy. Where is it? Why would an award for sportsmanship be discontinued? The young people of today have too many sports hero’s to look up to and emulate that are of questionable character. What happened to real values?

Change for the sake of change, in my opinion, is destructive. I have not seen the wholesale cancellation of tradition anywhere in the country in high schools or collages, as is apparently your intent to do. I feel sorry for the current students at WRHS. You are changing their history and their heritage. School spirit starts with the leaders of a school. If they don’t have it, don’t expect the students to have it. Wholesale changes to the schools tradition will kill its identity. Why would anyone want to do that?

Thank you for your time,

Larry Nelson WRHS Class of 1966

To the Window Rock School Board:

My name is Carol Eddy Nelson and I graduated from Window Rock High School in 1965. I was born and raised in Ohio and we moved to Window Rock when I was sixteen. It was quite a culture shock, but within a week, I loved it and got to know people who were so friendly and made me feel welcome right from the start.

I had never seen such school spirit in a school and I got caught up in it right away. This move changed my life forever and I will always be grateful to the Navajo Nation for allowing us to live on the reservation and go to school there. Due to the excellent teachers and the strong school spirit and pride, it shaped my life forever. I learned I could do anything I wanted with my life and didn't have to settle for anything less.

I didn't realize however, the bonding that took place between students and teachers alike until our reunion 3 years ago. Not only did we make good friends, but life long friends and I can honestly say that there will never be a more warm feeling than that. Many of us have hardships in life with the war, etc., but when we are together or even talk on the web, we are back in Window Rock if even for a short time.

All we have in earnest to hand down to future generations is "Tradition" and hope that that allows the future generations to experience some of the pleasures that those of us that came before hand down with great pride. As in families and the Navajo's, for sure like to carry on the traditions so we all have a piece of our heritage.

I still talk to people that we played sports and activities with back then and when I tell them that I went to Window Rock High School, they say "Oh, the Scouts". I beam with pride. I don't remember their logos or colors, but am proud they remember mine.

To change the name and colors would be losing a most precious piece of history. I am so grateful to the Navajo Nation for allowing me to share in their tradition and spirit. They are a proud people and rightfully so. For myself, I am proud to be a Window Rock Scout and I will always be a Window Rock Scout!

Please reconsider changing the Scout or the colors. A lot will be lost by doing so.

Those who have written before me, have said things so much better, but this just comes from the heart.

Thank you for your time.
Carol Eddy Nelson
Class of 1965

I don't know who our alumni association officers are; however, I think we need to address this as a deep concern as alums and it should be presented to the school board from the representatives of the alumni assn.

Would someone conduct some research and maybe take a survey among the alums on their thoughts? Maybe they don't mind the color change or the scout head change---what does the majority of the alums feel? Once a survey
is taken, we will know whether it is important enough to address to the board.

Nancy, Thank Greg for us. I live right here in the FD/WR area and I hadn't noticed it. I will drive toward the school come Monday and see what it looks like. Maybe we as alums, have no say. We will find out, won't we?

 Thanks for being observant. We need other comments.

Georgia A. Ashley
 Class of 1966

One person may influence, but one person cannot change our school colors and school logo without due process. And, that process means a vote of the public or it's representatives through elected School Board officials...note the key word, "elected", which also implies that poor decisions in office may mean short-term. I think providing the alumni with some email addresses may give us the opportunity to voice our own opinions to the Superintendent and members of the School Board.

As many of us no longer reside on the Rez, I also hope Glenn Haven may have some influence in his new position. I certainly trust Glenn's judgment in whether this activity is truly designed to benefit the students. There may be circumstances we are not aware of, but I would like to learn what is behind the change.


Dave Radcliffe
Mighty Class of '73

Please let me know if a survey will be taken and where and how I can make my comments. I feel that the WR High School and it's mascot are representative of all the graduating classes of Window Rock High School and to make changes like this should require opinions from all those who are represented by it. I think that most students are proud of their high school as it represents a success mark in each of our lives.

The mascot that WR has had for all these years is one that has represented the school and one that people relate to and recognize when relating to WRHS; it is a part of history. The colors are also representative of the school and should reflect so. I, personally, love the WRHS school colors and am disappointed that the paint shows otherwise.

I really hope that whoever authorized the changes, please re-think all that it represents and display WRHS for all that it has represented in the past; this is, yet, another part of history that we, as students/alumni, of WRHS would like to preserve!! Let us keep something nice that we would be proud to have represent all of us.

Sandra Moore
Class of 1993

As a WR Alumni I must concur with Dave Radcliffe. Our old High School is no longer there physically and a lot of treasures burned which will never be replaced. What we have in our hearts is the "Scout Pride" and how many remember the Scoutettes? There was such a thing. We graduated from WR, our children graduated and now it is on to our grandchildren. It seems that only a small group of individuals are making this decision of changing our school colors without the input of the community, alumni, parents, etc. Because of the Scout Pride, we as parents have continued to support our children. We occasionally look at the old yearbooks and reminisce about our classmates, activities, games, parades, etc. and changing our school colors is a major change in our lives. It may not be the same. Let's not ever change the name of the football field, leave it "Judd Avery Football Field"

Thanks, Betty Boyd
Class of 69

The new Scout looks Apache to me.

Bob Eddy

To the board,
As a graduate of Window Rock High School in 1963. I am not in favor of changing the mascot or colors.

Larry Nahlee
Tempe, AZ.

One person may influence, but one person cannot change our school colors and school logo without due process. And, that process means a vote of the public or it's representatives through elected School Board officials...note the key word, "elected", which also implies that poor decisions in office may mean short-term. I think providing the alumni with some email addresses may give us the opportunity to voice our own opinions to the Superintendent and members of the School Board.

As many of us no longer reside on the Rez, I also hope Glenn Haven may have some influence in his new position. I certainly trust Glenn's judgment in whether this activity is truly designed to benefit the students. There may
be circumstances we are not aware of, but I would like to learn what is behind the change.


Dave Radcliffe
Mighty Class of '73