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Tuba City Fair Parade October 2002

Marlene, Patricia Sutton, Chester Hubbard, Millie Homes Regina & Rochelle

Laura Bennett & Five Generations

Back Row: Lisa Norris (niece-in-law and new grandma), Billy  Norris (generation #3 and proud grandpa),
Terry Bennett (representing my sister Barbara, generation #2)
Front Row: Analise Norris (generation #4, new mommy), Laura Bennett (generation #1 excited Great-Great-Grandma)
Easton Aubrey (in Laura's arms, generation #5). Mike Yazzie (new daddy)

Man of the Year Award Loren Tapahe (Navajo)

Loren Tapahe, Navajo, is the publisher and founder of the Arizona Native Scene newspaper, which has been in operation for 12 years
in the Phoenix valley.
Under the newspaper operation, he publishes his own newspaper, design brochures, magazines, posters, conference booklets and newsletters
for commercial and tribal clientele.

Tapahe recently published the successful 2008 Navajo Nation Fair Magazine for the Navajo Nation. He was also the general manager of the
Navajo Times Newspaper for a number of years in the early 1980s when it first attempted a daily publication. He was also the press officer and
later the chief of staff for Navajo Nation President Milton Bluehouse in 1998.

Originally from Fort Defiance, Arizona, Tapahe holds a 1974 Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies and a 1979 Bachelor of Science Degree
in Business Management with a double minor in Marketing and Economics, both from Brigham Young University.

Tapahe is an avid photographer and writer. His career in media has taken him to many states in North America and to Central America to
photograph the treatment of Indigenous Peoples of Nicaragua. He is a founding member and was first vice president of the national Native American
Journalist Association.

Tapahe is active in the community and holds membership in several organizations, including the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona,
which he is President; the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications Endowment Board; the American Indian Veteran's
Memorial Organization; the Arizona Territory Gourd Society and the Native American Journalist Association. He resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife
Carolyn and three daughters, Jordan, Annika, and Peyton.

Upon being named for the award, Tapahe expressed his gratitude for the many people who supported him throughout the years while living in
Window Rock and Phoenix.


Dave Hughes WRHS Class of 1974 and Silvia Hughes
On A Recent Skiing Trip In Europe

Navajo Nation Inauguration Day
January 9, 2007

Vikki Shirley, Joe Shirley Jr., Navajo Nation President, Georgia Ashley

Bring Him Back
 October 22, 2004
Hello everyone-

Well, just thought about telling you about what happened this past week at Window Rock High. The Window Rock Scouts
Volleyball Team is 7-7 in conference and 26-15 overall and will be traveling to Tuba City for first round play and then to Ganado for
seeding for state.

Other news the school did not choose Mr. Haven at the Boys Head Basketball Coach, I personally feel sorry for him because over the summer
he has been working with the returning players, he has taken them to camps, tournaments, and held sessions for players to better their skills.
Haven was hired last if I remember correctly to be the head coach of the basketball boys team but was then moved to principal.
Out of all that, they have not chosen him to be working with the boys team. The Boys team trusts and enjoys working with Coach Haven
because Haven has brought them from know same thinking about basketball and now have a better knowledge about the sport of basketball.

I am writing this because the players are concerned about their season and want their coach back, the coach that has help them understand
the sport of basketball, and want the coach that was working with them during the season, and told them what they need to do to better for themselves.

The boys need coach Haven back....

Greg Hardy
Class of 2002

New Arrival

Congratulations to Terry Bennett who recently became a grandmother for the third time and Mrs. Laura Bennett who
now has18 great grand children! Laura Rose Bennett was born on September 21, 6 lbs 9 oz, 19-1/2 long.

Question:  Why did they dynamite Black Rock?

WRHS Logo Controversy