Navajo Nation Treaty Day
June 1, 1991

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Senator John McCain, Mark Hills, Carl Hillis


Desert Storm Era Veterans
Post Vietnam thru Desert Storm



Branch of Service

*   Brian Callan 1976 US Marine
    Anthony Sandoval 1978 US Army
    Troy Smith 1980 US Marines
    Ken E. Anderson 1981 US Army
    Linda Roanhorse 1984 US Navy
    Bryan S. Curtis 1985 US Marines
    Eric Spencer 1985 US Air Force
    Ira Curley 1986 US Armey
    Mary A. Lynch 1986 National Guard
    Steven Harrison 1986 US Army
    Marvin C. Sanderson 1986 US Army
    Leonora Shurley 1987 Us Army
    Vic Yazzie 1987 US Marines
    Keith Tagaban 1988 US Marines
    Bruce Willie 1988 US Navy
    Ryland Becenti 1989 US Navy
    Mary Ann Bullhead 1989 US Navy
    Clinton Curtis 1989 US Marines
    Marc Hillis 1989 US Army
    Lowery Johnson 1989 US Aemy
    Ramsey A. Singer 1984 US Marines
    Marvin Shirley 1987 US Army
    Shannon K. Othermedicine 1990 US Marines
    Richard E. Smith 1992 US Marines
    Tom W, Yazzie Jr 1992 National Guard
    Alan Showalter 1994 US Army
    Jeffrey L. Kirk 1991 US Marines
    Darwin L. Dahozy 1991 US Marines
    Quentin A Smith 1991 US Marines
*   Deceased    


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