In Loving Memory

Franklin Wayne LaFave Jr.

A Celebration of Life

Saturday June 4,2016
Dobson's at Dobson Ranch Golf Course Mesa, AZ

Ethan Alvarez, Devin Schermerhorn
Elijah Alvarez, Sierra Alvarez

Wayne LaFave, Son
Anita Stolaas, Eternal Partner
Patti Hibbeler, CEO, Phoenix Indian Center
Family' of Window Rock High School
Linnea LaFave, Daughter
Cheryl Cordova-LaFave, Sister

A Word of Thanks
The LaFave Family wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to Pete
Cooper and family for their longtime friendship of 56 years, the
Window Rock High School Family. the Phoenix Indian Center.
Glenn Nelson, Gary Ondik, and the doctors and staff who cared for
Frank in his final days.

Ann LaFave-Garcia, Cheryl LaFave-Cordova, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen

LaFave Family Receiving Pendleton Blanket From CEO, Phoenix Indian Center

Frank and Shirley Yazzie-Nez, Georgia, Jim Medlock

Georgia Ashley, Dorothy Natonabah-Saucedo, Lliam, Dax, Shirley Yazzie-Nez 

L to R: Jim Robertson, Wayne LaFave, Mary Jo Beach-Batt, Jim Medlock, Peter Cooper
Nancy Martin-Rikel, Mr. Bowen, Kim Jones, Larry Nelson

Peter Cooper, Jim Medlock, Jim Robertson

Kim Jones, Mr. Bowen

Peter Cooper, Georgia Ashley, Jim Robertson

Peter Cooper, Georgia Ashley, Jim Robertson, Mr. Bowen

Peter Cooper, Jim Medlock, Nancy Martin-Rikel

Cheryl LaFave-Cordova, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen

Jim Robertson, Jim Medlock, Mr. Bowen, Larry Nelson, Kim Jones
(WRHS Band Trombone Section)

Mr. Bowen, Georgia Ashley, Mrs. Bowen