Our Flag
Dr. Maunelle Martin-Belles
WRHS Teacher 1957 - 1966
Sponsor, Class of 1965

Window Rock Class of 1965 began making history long before high school graduation. In 1957 the students, who were in the 5th grade at that time, learned that a school could obtain a United States flag that had flown over the national Capitol building. The class composed a letter of request to Arizona's then U. S. Senator Barry Goldwater. The request was granted.

When the large flag arrived in April 1958, the class proudly stood at attention and watched the Stars and Stripes hoisted up the pole in front of the main entrance to Window Rock School.

Many of the Class of 65 were present at this event and will no doubt remember a sense of patriotism toward their country and a satisfaction for having contributed to the school and the community as the flag flew over Window Rock High School for many years.  At this particular time of terrorist activity, the Class of 65 can reflect on their love of America, the beautiful, with a spirit of unity that has deep roots.