George Burns



To the family of Mr. George Burns:

I was so sorry to hear of Mr .Burns Passing--even with the warning.
I know this has been a difficult time for you. Please know I continue to pray for you
at this time and will in the future.

Evelyn Herzog
WRHS Class of 1967

My heart is heavy for your loss. Your dad is one of many who have made my life special. I know god has blessed him for his dedication here on earth. Thanks for sharing him.

Jerry Skiles
WRHS Class of 1973



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I don't know if anyone will remember our dad. George Burns was our school superintendent in the late 60's through about 1974. Dad retired from education and has been living in Cottonwood, AZ.

Yesterday, 7/11/09, he was told that he has untreatable liver cancer and only has months to live. I'd like to ask for those of you who do remember to please put him in your prayers.

Roxann Smith( Burns)
WRHS Class of 1972
Gary Burns
WRHS Class of 1974

We will most definitely Roxann. Yes I remember you and your dad very much. There were some interesting times back in those days. Life has been good to me lately and now I am returning to the area I love. We are moving to Rio Rancho at the end of the month.

Big Phil Dodge

We will be praying for George Burns in the coming days. George was my boss & golfing buddy as we worked closely when I was athletic director & math teacher.

Don Rae
WRHS Faculty - 1964-1973

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, and will keep him in my prayers. I do very much remember him.

Nela Faddis (Meyers)
WRHS Class of 1969

A fine man. Our family will pray for him and his family.

Loren Tapahe
WRHS Class of 1971

Although I was still in high school, I remember Mr. Burns as the school Superintendent. He endured a lot of stress from various challenges faced during the late 60's and early 70's at Window Rock Schools. I appreciated his time and commitment to serving our students and community at that time. These kinds of experiences usually result in a great amount of stress which, can affect our lives later on. I can appreciate his past leadership. As a former Interim Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent at Window Rock Unified Schools, much stress was endured. I will keep him in my prayers.

Gloria A. Hale
(formerly Gloria Hale-Showalter)
WRHS Class of 1968

My prayers go out to Mr. Burns and his family.

It's so great that we all have the forum and opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks for someone that had an impact on our lives whether we realized it or not at the time.

I remember Mr. Burns as well as the Superintendent and can appreciate the contributions he made not only as a leader but as a teacher in general. We should give our teachers and administrators the credit and support they truly deserve in dealing with the all the problems and issues that continue to face our children and schools today.

Darlene Barstow
WRHS Class of 1971

George Burns came to Window Rock as the second high school principal in 1964. This occurred when the first superintendent, Marvin Cowan, resigned and my father who was then the first high school principal, William Martin, became the second superintendent. Of course, Mr. Burns went on to become superintendent when my parents left WRS in 1966. Mr. Cowan and my father passed away in the 70's.

Teachers, administrators, staff and families who came to the Reservation in the early days of the public school had a tremendous dedication to teach, a love for the Navajo People and commitment all who attended WRS. They knew that they had a rare opportunity to make a difference in the future lives of all students and were willing to work hard to make it happen. Everyone working together who added their special skills, knowledge and determination made it happen! I believe that many of us have carried that example with us throughout life.

Life centered around the school which was often extended to seven days a week and it was a very exciting time in many ways. Like many others, Mr. Burns and his family gave years of service to WRS. Few in life can say that they had such a huge influence on so many. It is unfortunate that as children and young adults, we often do not appreciate much of this and when we do, we seldom have the opportunity to say thank you!

All of those who gave so much have earned a special place in my heart and I know that many share those feelings. I am sorry that Mr. Burns is ill but I am happy to have the opportunity to thank him and his family for all they did to insure our future.

Thank you, Mr. Burns!

Love and Prayers,

Nancy Martin Rikel
WRHS Class of 1965

Dear Mr. Burns and family,

I am so sorry to hear you are having health problems. I will keep you in my prayers everyday and nite. I also wish to express my thank you to all of your hard work in window rock, i know now, all the push for a better educational system on the Rez contributed to the scholarships and the upward bound programs which Navajo students were privileged and blessed to take part in. It was a huge push for me to get out into the world and experience life in a way that i would never have if not for teachers and administrators as yourself. Thank you and god bless you and your family,

Ramona Barstow-Jalali
WRHS Class of '71'

To Mr. Burns,

While you are getting better reading these thank-you cards, and in case it is too windy to pole vault and you are forced to read more---I would like to send you my personal gratitude for your part in making my most impressionable school years the best anyone could ever have hoped for. Your leadership and example of personal caring engraved the values that made this nation great from the beginning. The teachers under you supervision feel that way I'm sure. We had the best teachers, and the best place to go to school and grow up in, but that's just my opinion. However, it is based on listening to many people over the years who have talked about their school years.

I left Window Rock in 1964.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery,

Jim Medlock
WRHS Class of 1966

Mr. Burns,

Nobody knows what bumps a person will encounter as they travel the road of life. You have come to an overwhelming obstacle along that road. As I remember you tackle obstacles head on.

You are a gentleman, a friend and an inspiration.

You truly inspired me through my high school years as I watched you for three years as principal and one year as superintendent.

I admired you so much, that when I started Western Airline stewardess training, I asked if you would be the person to pin the wings on my uniform when I graduated. I appreciated when you agreed, however, when I graduated the airlines decided they would have prominent men in the Los Angles area do the honor. I was disappointed that you could not be at the ceremony.

As a stewardess, I met and married my soul mate. We were married 33 years and then he, like you, encountered an overwhelming obstacle on his road of life.

I pray our Heavenly Father will bless you and your family with all that is needed as you continue to travel this very difficult road.

Know that you have my respect, friendship and admiration and will be in all my prayers.

Just another WRHS admirer.

Evelyn Reed Herzog
WRHS Class of 1967

Although I did not know Mr. Burns well, I will keep him and family in my thoughts and prayers.

Eileen Kyselka-Scales
WRHS Class of 1965