Memories of JFK
November 22

Many of us vividly remember JFK's Assassination and what we were doing at the exact moment we heard the news.  Share your memories of that fateful day.  Send them to Time4Dance@AOL.COM (Nancy Martin Rikel)

Many of us vividly remember JFK's Assassination and what we were doing at the exact moment we heard.

Can you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot?

I think I was in the 2nd grade. I remember seeing my teacher crying almost hysterically and it scared me. It was the first time I ever saw a grown-up cry. They sent us home shortly after that.

Wow, what a trip that was.

Terry Bennett
WRHS Class of 1973

I remember walking in the East Hall going to class when they announced it over the intercom. I remember starting to cry immediately. I also remember vividly sitting in front of the television for the funeral. Bummer.

Lydia Hubbard Pourier
WRHS Class of 1966

First I agree with Lydia on remembering where you were when Kennedy was shot. That event will always remain clear in our minds just like September 11th.

Christine Pitts-McDonald
WRHS Class of 1965

We were living in a two bedroom duplex in Kingman, AZ. Being in a family of 4 kids, three girls and one boy, my bed was the sofa in the tiny living room. I was laying on the sofa, home from school with an ear infection when the news broke in and reported that JFK had been shot. Mom was pale and speechless.

Jerry Skiles "73"

I was walking down the hallway of the the Junior High when the information came over the intercom. I can still remember he shock and horror on everyone's faces, mine included. The rest of the day was a total loss!

Chuck McCammon Class of 68

I was in Mrs. Martin's 10th grade English class. We were waiting to go to lunch as I remember it. Mrs. Martin heard a commotion out in the hall way so she went out to investigate. When she came back she had this sad look on her face then she  told us that the president had been shot. I think it was announced over the PA system shortly after that. I remember my entire family glued to our old black and white TV set  during the entire ordeal.

Larry Nelson
Class of 1966

I was in class and the news came over the intercom. The teacher looked very sad and another teacher came in and they consoled each other. School was let out early. At home, mom was had crying when she heard the news and just hugged me and my brother when we came home. I remember the images, don't remember the teacher's name, but it seemed everything froze in time for awhile.

Loren Tapahe
WRHS Class of 1971

I just couldn't let this anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy go by without a couple of notes.

My memories of that day are quite vivid. I was teaching in Window Rock High School, trying to get copy ready to send to the publisher for the annual. One of the secretaries called from the office to ask that Ron Landbloom be allowed to go to the junior high building and take his sister, Linda, home, as she wasn't feeling well. I let him go, with the admonition to hurry back.

He left and did as instructed. He returned, bursting into my classroom, shouting, "President Kennedy has been shot! I just heard it on my car radio!"

Ron was known for being a little 'off the wall' and not opposed to sensationalism.

I replied, "yes, Ron. We understand." About that time, a voice came over the loudspeaker, confirming what he had reported. Poor kid! I really felt bad for my part in this incident. I hope he has forgiven me.

I went, as soon as the busses left, to the grade school and got my daughter, Beth, and on to the teacher age to get my 2 year old son, Brian, who was with our full time Navajo attendant.

We started for the post office, a daily routine. As we approached the area where Tecklenbergs lived, the left front window in my 1962 Pontiac shattered. Beth, who was thoroughly frightened, pushed her brother Brian down on the floor of the car and laid on top of him. She was really afraid we were being shot at. We were. We discovered a couple of young boys in the area next to the road who had fired the bb gun that put a bb through our window.

Griff Ramey
Former high school teacher

Remembering when JFK was shot, we were in choir, it was announce on the loud-speaker and all the girls starting crying.

Roselinda Anderson-Goodreau