Hardy Lee Phelps
WRHS Faculty 1966 - 1992


I would like to offer my deep and sincere condolences to my good friends - and classmates for their loss.

May God Bless them, and watch over them during this tough time.

Thank you,
Dave Radcliffe

Friends and Alumni,

It is with sorrow the WRHS alumni have loss another former colleague, mentor, and dear friend.

Deepest sympathy to the late Hardy Phelps' family, from the WRHS Class of 1983.

Vickie Baldwin
WRHS Class of 1983

Of all of my teachers, I will never forget Hardy Phelps. You had to love the man even if his paddling's sent you off your feet (from experience!). I am glad to know he passed peacefully. Mary, my sister; you and your family are in my families prayers, Love him like a father!

Donna Little

Hardy, Wylie, Dawn, & Mary,

I am sorry for your loss. I remember your Dad well and he was a great teacher and person. May the Lord bless you in this time.

Terry Weaver

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I too have fond memories of Mr. Phelps, and you're right, who wouldn't call him that? He was an instructor of mine in junior high THTMS, never had the likes of the paddle, but he did reiterate the message every school year, in case you were new to THTMS. But, I enjoyed his humor, his messages he gave us in a roundabout way and just the knowledge. You are a blessed family and I am blessed to have shared my years with him at school. My condolences to you and your family, thank you for sharing your father with us!

Much love and respect,

Larita L. Stevens (Anderson)
aka Mano
Class of 1992

Sorry to hear of you loss. Hardy was a great friend and fellow teacher. He was a fun and caring individual. Always good for a laugh. God Bless You and Yours.


Jim Law,
Teacher, Coach, Friend

With my deepest sympathy to your loss. I've never forgotten the discipline he gave me, I know he did it because he cared. It is because of you that I have become the person that I am today. He was a tremendous teacher, one I believed who really cared. May each of you find peace during these difficult times.

Attached is a picture I took last year coming home from Shiprock with a Navajo Prayer.

David Tsosie '73

I just got off the phone with Hardy. He says that Mr. Phelps will be cremated. The family will be having a memorial service on Saturday, May 2nd at the Western Indian Ministries church in Tse Bonito. Itís not going to be anything fancy.

I thought you all might want to know.

Teresa Bennett
WRHS Class of 1973

Dear Hardy, Wylie, Dawn & Mary,

My heart goes out to at this time and may God give you the comfort and strength to go on during this time. My memories of your Dad go back to school days and also to the Dineh Little Theater Productions. What memories. Just remember:
1." A memory is a photograph taken by the heart" and
2."Better than the gold of kings are memories of happy things."

My prayers are with you and your respective families. I will say a prayer for you on Saturday during my run here in the Valley.

Pat Sutton