I had a roll of B/W film that I shot in 1974 around the WRHS/elementary campus. It just sort of sat around in dresser drawers and boxes. Then, five years ago I thought it was about time, wondering if it would turn out. I was really surprised that it actually did!

We were pretty high tech back then. In '73-'74, the school built WRHS's first video production studio in the back of the Administration Building. It was, I believe, rated one of the best high school studios in the state of Arizona (there weren't too many at the time). They cut some of us "artist" students loose with a couple of video cams, and a few Super 8mm cameras, and boy, did we have a blast! Whatever happened to that footage? Probably erased back then without a thought.

Those were exciting times.

Bill Truesdell
WRHS Photographer