Dugan Dairy

Charlotte Goodluck, Maunelle Martin Belles, Christine Pitts McDonald,
 Mary Jo Beach Batt, Richard Jones

Christine Pitts McDonald, Richard Jones, Ella Natonabah Jones, 
Carole Schubert Thompson, Charlotte Goodluck

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Jim Robertson, Jim Medlock, Mr. Ron Bowen, Larry Nelson and Kim Jones

Jim Robertson

Master of Ceremonies

Class of 65 and WRHS Speech & Drama Teacher

Chester Hubbard

Introducing Mr. Don Rae

Mr. Don Rae


Math, Wrestling, Football

Mr. Don Rae

First Wrestling Coach

Mr. Don Rae

Mr. Norris Mills


Music, Choir

Mr. Norris Mills

Kim Jones Introduces Dr. Maunelle Martin Belles Teacher Elem School, Junior High, HS English, Latin, Speech & Drama

Dr. Maunelle Martin Belles

Organized Nat'l Thespian Society

Frank LaFave Introduces Mr. Ron Bowen, Teacher, Band

Mr. Ron Bowen

First Marching and Concert Band

Larry Foster

Navajo Code Talkers

Vernon Cohoe

Moment of Silence For Those Departed

First Avey Award Winner

Christine Pitts McDonald, Carol Eddy Heidt, Jim Robertson, Claudia Houseknecht Dugan and Mary Joe Beach Batt

Class of 1967

Maxine Bergeson Delano , Karen Blanton Stuart, Charles Ettner, Leonard Foster, Dorothy Natonabah Saucedo

Class of 1968

Carrie Allard Cohoe, Brenda McGahey Benally, Larry Foster

Betty L. Ashley Showalter Bizardi and Georgia A. Ashley

WR School, Early History

James Manuelito, Jim Medlock, Peter Cooper and Patsy Cowen Michel

Jim Robertson and Maxine Bergerson

Kim Jones and Frank LaFave

Carol Eddy Heidt and Jim Robertson

Brenda McGahey Benally, Claudia Houseknecht Dugan, Maxine Bergeson Delano, Mary Jo Beach Batt, Lynn Crow Cole, Christine Pitts McDonald

Mervyn Hills, Homer Hubbell, Frank LaFave, Brenda McGahey Benally, Ron Benally

Carole Schubert Thompson, James Manuelito, Mervyn Hillis, Homer Hubbell, Frank LaFave

Patsy Dale Gilbert & Dorothy Mineer Haley