2000 and Beyond

Navajo Nation Fair - 2006
?, Georgia A Ashley, Lydia Hubbard-Pourier Tom Nelson, Mike Nelson, Chester Hubbard


Jim Robertson Wedding - May 22, 2004

 Joe and Bertha Tomlinson - December 2003

Tony and Mary Davis 30th Wedding Anniversary - June 2004  

 The Jud Avey Family - June 2003
Jane Avey & Lura Hawkins

 The Cowan Family - 2003
David Cowan, Madelyn Cowan, Tim Michel

Fort Defiance PHS Hospital Dedication August 2002
Betty Ashley Showalter, ?, ?, Georgia Ashley


Sue Speicher McCauley & Family - October 2002  

Classes 1964-66  Meeting for Lunch
Jimmy & Tomi Medlock, Larry & Carol Nelson, Frank LaFave 

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