By Earl Milford
Class of 1965

School Song

See those Scouts working for victory,
See them run against the foe.
They are out to win for dear ole' Window Rock,
Everywhere they go..rah, rah, rah!
Hail, oh hail, to every good Scout.
Captain, coach and players, too.
We're for you so come on fight, fight, fight!
With courage, too!
                                                                                           by Lois Clark-Harper


Homecoming 2004

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Now, we're from Window Rock, haven't you heard?
We're gonna win this game, 'cause cool is the word.
Keep it cool, big team, keep it cool.
Keep it cool, big team, keep it cool. Hey!

Girls Sports - 1950's   Girls Sports - 1960's   Girls Sports - 1970's
The Scouts, the Scouts!
 We're really neat!
 The Scouts, the Scouts!
 We can't be beat.
 There's no doubt about it.
 Let's all stand and shout it.
 The Scouts, the Scouts!
 They can't be beat!

Columbia Blues   Homecoming   Booster Club

Sports After High School

Two, four, six, eight.
Who do we appreciate?
The Scouts! The Scouts! The Scouts!



We're here to say we're Scouts' fans,
So come on...Prove It!
Clap Your hands!